Are you currently in the job market applying for positions non-stop online, however not receiving feedback in regards to your application? Reason might be that your cv does not contain the correct keywords that recruiters/employers use search engines/filters. Send us your cv now and we will conduct a FREE CV EVALUATION

Umphahakthi Recruitment would like to assist you in your search for a new career adventure.

Kindly note that when you upload your cv to career portals such as PNET, Jobmail etc – your profile gets placed on a very big database full of job seekers.

Recruiters/Employers have access to these platforms to search for candidates that might be suitable for positions they have available, however before they can view any CVS/profiles they need to go through a sifting process (Applicant Tracking System).

The recruiter/employer complete these filters on the tracking system by adding keywords received from the job specification. This is the reason why in most cases portfolios are not getting picked up and job seekers that might be perfect for the position and fits all the requirements are not getting contacted.

You are more than welcome to forward us your current CV in order for us to conduct a free cv assessment and run it through the necessary tracking systems to ensure your portfolio/profile is being seen.


Simply email us on and forward through your current cv. We will 1st conduct a cv assessment to see if and what changes should be made to your profile. Kindly have a look at below costing if you would like us to rewrite your cv once the cv assessment has been completed


We only charge a fee of R350-00 to re-write your CV (add a professional cover letter for only R120). We do however have a variety of templates and packages you can choose from and we will always advise which we think would be the best option and why. We can guarantee that our high level quality of work cannot be found at a better price!!


It takes approximately 2 - 7 working days to complete your CV. Once completed all copies will be sent through to you and we will assist you by sharing your profile and uploading it to our recruitment database. Please note that we will work on your profile until you are 100% satisfied as client service is the most important aspect of our business.

You are also more than welcome to come through to our offices to speak to one of our recruitment specialists.

If you are not situated close to our offices we will still be able to assist as we do recruitment across S.A as well as cross border.

Kindly note that you are welcome to contact us on 065 896 1672.

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